Simba Food Application

If you are a restaurant that take orders on phone or registered with any third party online ordering portal, it is imperative to have Simba Food online and mobile ordering solution to enhance your ability to take orders from your own website, even from your Facebook page or using your own branded iPhone & Android apps. It will help driving traffic away from Portals back to the Restaurant’s website.

Having your own online and mobile ordering solution is critically important in the fight against portals. It is simple and easy to use. Our online ordering platform is designed to manage your customer information and equip with the tools to fight back against other Portals.

Our platforms are customized to integrate with your existing website seamlessly merging with your brand to enhance your customer’s experience. By utilizing special offers, discounts, promotions, feedback management, etc., restaurateurs using Simba Food online and mobile ordering solution will help to attract their customers back to their own websites and away from the portals which will eventually increase revenue for the restaurant as well as will enhance customer service level.

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