Skoolbuzz school Management

Skoolbuzz is the School Management software designed to keep schools, teachers, parents, and most importantly students on the same wavelength, Skoolbuzz is the most effective tool to ensure information and communication management and ultimately, the improvement of students’ performances. In addition, there is a web interface and mobile application which allows access to important school information even when they are on the move. With so many fantastic features, Skoolbuzz is sure to bring a revolution in schooling.

  • It is cost-effective and saves the amount spent by schools on printed material and paper that is used daily to communicate with parents regarding newsletters, agenda, permission letters, information letters etc.
  • It saves the school of redundant costs related to sending bulk messages and SMS to the parents about important school related information.
  • Updates, along with photos and videos, can be directly shared through social media platforms which ensures an increase in school popularity.
  • Skoolbuzz is an effective promotional tool that can be used to boost the reputation of a school significantly. It allows sharing of videos and photographs of the various school events with the parents and thereby contributes immensely in enhancing the positive image of a school.
  • This school information management software gives parents access to crucial information related to their child such as his attendance, fees, tests, timetables, exams, results, events, holidays, homework, newsletters and the number of days he has been late to school.
  • This cutting-edge software provides reminders, notifications and shares photographs, videos of special events held in school like fests, sports, carnival, and children’s day programs and so on.
  • Through the daily agenda, this tool updates parents about the performance of their child.
  • Digital signatures of parents enable them to allow wherever the schools seek their permission.
  • Parents can directly get in touch with school authorities through a reliable messaging tool, thereby eliminating the need for old-fashioned parent-teacher conferences.
  • Teachers Performance monitoring tool can help the course coordinator to evaluate the performance of every teacher on a daily basis.
  • It is fully Modular with an optional Invoice Printing Module, Inquiry Management Module, Library Management Module, Report Card Printing Module, etc.

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